a guide to Love Island lingo


Bin off

[bin] [awf]; verb

To exploit a potential sexual partner in the moment, before quickly rejecting them in favour of someone else. An appropriate title for the series itself, even if “Bin Off Island” doesn’t have quite such a romantic ring to it.

As in: “You just took Chloe over there and told her that you want to couple up with her and that if you met me in the outside world you’d bin me off in two minutes.”

Blazin’ Squad

[bley-zin] [skwod]; noun

A mid-Noughties boy band that looked like an explosion in a Sports Direct stock room, consisting of such a high number of members that it’s incredibly likely that you yourself were in it and may have just forgotten.

As in: “I was from the Blazin’ Squad, but I kind of want to keep that on the low for the start, and work people out, make sure people aren’t jumping on me because I’m a bit famous.”

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