Dreamers’ limbo isn’t the Democrats’ fault: Letters


Re “Democrats’ DACA dishonesty” (Carl Cannon, Sept. 9):

Nowhere in Carl Cannon’s lengthy, tortured attempt to place blame for Congress’ failure a decade ago to pass legislation to protect America’s Dreamers does he acknowledge a key legislative fact: the “poison pill” he says was inserted by Senate Democrats could have been removed if the GOP-controlled House had followed the Senate’s example and passed its own version of the bill. But they refused to even bring it up for debate on the House floor, killing the opportunity to take legislation to conference for compromise and approval of a final bill.

Cannon all too conveniently forgot to share the final chapter of this legislative saga.

— Marcy Rothenberg,
Porter Ranch

Worried about the future

Please tell me if any other children of privilege had an office in the White House while their father was president. Trump thinks he and his family are above it all. They show no willingness to tell the truth. Anybody who complained about President Barack Obama or those before him can now see what bad really is. Trump and his privileged family and friends should be impeached and also serve time because of their lies and dishonest dealings.

Where were the “intelligent” people who voted him in, and did they really think this person could make America great again? America has always been great. It is impossible to have a country that does not have problems, but compared to any other country, we are lucky. It takes great people to run a country and be decent to others along the way.

This man is for himself and his own — not for the good people that deserve a president who is for the people and is honest, decent and open. He tears down human beings and is vindictive towards anyone who gets in his way. Trump and his team will break down the growth and good we have seen, and it will be hard to rebuild a broken land and broken people.

I am so worried about my grandchildren and all the other young people who will never be able to see and live in the America I once knew. Hopefully there are still good people in politics who will handle their jobs and not let this become like the fall of the Roman Empire.

— Judy Mitchell, Tarzana

Would ‘reforms’ help?

Re “On criminal justice reforms, L.A. County should look forward, not back” (Guest commentary, Aug. 15):

I agree with some points in Lenore Anderson’s article, but several others were missed. What effect have Propositions 47, 57 and AB 109 had on our crime rates? I’m sure that if it was a positive one, it would have been in the article.

Following all the suggested reforms would likely create a whole new “set of bureaucracies.” I suspect that they would not be any cheaper than what we spend now. Many criminals would simply use them to stay out of jail. Many of these programs also afford them the opportunity to continue their criminal behavior and make new criminal contacts.

A large percentage of criminals will never change and are not interested in changing. They will continue to victimize people as long as they live. The only other choice we seem to have is keeping them locked up and out of our homes, cars and lives. We need to put the career criminals back to work in the prisons to offset the costs of keeping them there.

What about justice? Putting a murderer through a program, then releasing him to kill again, is not justice. It just devastates more families.

— Richard Nichol,
Santa Clarita

The schools we deserve

Re “LAUSD eyes rising health care expenses” (Aug. 29):

The recent LAUSD board meeting focused on $1.1 billion of the current $7.5 billion budget going toward health insurance, which is increasing as the student population continues to decrease. What do they expect when they have given 100 percent insurance coverage to workers, retirees and relatives?

The comments by board members were so vapid and trite that it is clear this board will not be able to address the educational pursuits of its students. L.A. deserves the low quality of its education system because of its past voting record.

— Richard Greenblatt,
Los Angeles



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