If Pablo Sandoval wants to be a Giant, here’s how it might happen


SAN DIEGO – Could Pablo Sandoval reunite with the Giants?

Well sure. He meets the qualifications to be honored with a plaque on their Wall of Fame. He’ll no doubt be invited and encouraged to take part in the reunions for the 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series champion teams.

The Giants like to “line up the action figures” as often as possible for their fans. So yes, I expect we will see a day in the near future when Sandoval and the Giants embrace in a warm and happy reunion.

Oh wait. That’s not the question you were wondering about, was it?

Will Sandoval, soon to be cut loose as a $50 million sunk cost by the Boston Red Sox, resume his playing career with the Giants?

I attempted to answer that question on Friday, and the short answer is no. But since then, a national report from Jon Heyman said Sandoval would “love” to come back to the Giants, and “word is that some Giants people have spoken behind the scenes about the possibility, and suggest it could be a consideration.”

Here is a theoretical behind-the-scenes conversation that would make the above statement technically accurate:

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