Jodie Whittaker revealed as first female Doctor Who


Jodie Whittaker will become the first woman to play the Time Lord in Doctor
Who, ending months of speculation over whether the show will have its first female protagonist.

Whittaker, 35, best known for her role in Bafta-winning drama Broadchurch, takes over from Peter Capaldi.

She will team up with the show’s creator Chris Chibnall as he takes over from Steven Moffat as executive producer.

The actress will become the 13th Time Lord.

Peter Capaldi will give up the role after this year’s Christmas special.

Peter Capaldi has played the Doctor since 2013

Matt Smith took on the role from 2010-2013. He was nominated for a TV Bafta for his portrayal.

Matt Smith 11th Dr Who
Matt Smith 2010-2013

David Tennant won Best Actor at the National Television Awards in 2006. He played the Time Lord from 2005-2010.

LONDON - DECEMBER 18: Actor David Tennant arrives for the Gala Screening of the Doctor Who Christmas Episode at the Science Museum on December 18, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/)
David Tennant 2005-2010

Christopher Eccleston was the ninth incarnation of Doctor Who and played the character for one series in 2005.

Christopher Eccleston 9th Dr Who
Christopher Eccleston 2005

Paul McGann played the eighth Doctor in 1996.

Paul McGann 8th Dr Who
Paul McGann 1996

Sylvester McCoy played the time-travelling Doctor from 1987-89.

Sylvester McCoy 7th Dr Who
Sylvester McCoy 1987-89

Colin Baker was the sixth Doctor for three seasons from 1984-86.

Colin Baker 6th Dr Who
Colin Baker 1984-86

The fifth Time Lord was played by Peter Davison from 1982-84.

Peter Davison 5th Dr Who
Peter Davison 1982-84

The fourth incarnation of Dr Who was played by Tom Baker from 1974-81.

Tom Baker doctor who
Tom Baker doctor who

Jon Pertwee took on the character between 1970-74. He was the first Doctor to be viewed in colour.

Jon Pertwee 3rd Dr Who
Jon Pertwee 1970-74

Patrick Troughton played Doctor Who from 1966-69 in black and white.

Patrick Troughton 2nd Dr Who
Patrick Troughton 1966-69

William Hartnell was the very first Doctor Who, from 1963-66, setting the tone for all future incarnations of the Time Lord.

William Hartnell, the first Doctor Who
William Hartnell, the first Doctor Who

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