‘Music would be better if music manager Tony Wilson was still here’


Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder insists music would be better if manager Tony Wilson were still alive.

Shaun Ryder
outside the ITV Studios
London, England – 17.12.10


Tony, who co-founded of iconic Manchester-based company Factory Records, died from a heart attack aged 57 a decade ago on Thursday (10Aug17).
He helped launch Shaun’s band to stardom in the late ’80s and in a new interview with magazine The Big Issue, the frontman took the time to remember his late friend’s talent and unique outlook.
“Of course music would be better if he were still involved in it, because Tony would still be doing the same sort of thing, in a very different way,” the Step On singer pointed out. “If Tony were involved now he probably would be pushing the grime scene or something.”
Shaun often still thinks about Tony, especially during the One Love Manchester concert, which was held in the late star’s hometown earlier this year. The event was hosted by popstar Ariana Grande following a terrorist attack at her gig in the city, which killed 22 people and wounded many others.
“I do miss him,” Shaun sighed of Tony, adding that the businessman would have embraced the “civic pride” of the performances from artists including Coldplay, Stevie Wonder and Manchester’s own Liam Gallagher. “He would definitely have been stood up next to Ariana Grande making some big speeches.”
Other bands who owe their success to Tony include Joy Division and New Order.

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