My dad had a child with another woman


DEAR CAROLYN: My father passed away very suddenly several weeks ago. Though he had to cope with being

Carolyn Hax 

a single dad my entire life — my mom died when I was a baby — he was the best dad any guy could ask for. He had a lot of relationships with women over the years but never remarried and pretty much kept that part of his life as separate from me as possible.

I was in my hometown clearing out my dad’s things when I stumbled upon evidence that the woman he was seeing 25 years ago, when I was in high school, got pregnant and left town, apparently to avoid gossip and to give the child up for adoption. I was absolutely floored. My dad, who I was very close to, never told me any of this. I do remember this woman, though, since she was much younger than my dad and not really his type at all.

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