‘Son of Sam’ speaks in rare prison interview


TV picks for Friday, Aug. 11


“Bering Sea Gold” (9 p.m., Discovery): The Alaskan gold mining crews are back for the winter ice-mining season. And this year, failure isn’t an option. This season, the miners will face even bigger challenges and more risks in hopes of hitting the motherlode under the ice. With livelihoods at stake, Shawn Pomrenke and his crew focus on building a mega-dredge that dwarfs anything on the Bering Sea – a risk that will could catapult his operation. Or could sink the entire business before even getting started.

“Son of Sam: The Killer Speaks” (10 p.m., CBS): David Berkowitz terrorized New York City by killing six people and wounding seven others in seemingly random shootings from 1976 to 1977. Now, four decades after he was arrested, Berkowitz speaks out about what led him to kill, his life before he turned into a murderer, and life in prison today. “I see that people will never understand where I come from, no matter how much I try to explain it,” Berkowitz tells Maurice DuBois in his first major TV interview in a decade and his only interview about the 40th anniversary of his arrest. “They wouldn’t understand what it was like to walk in darkness.”


“Atypical” (Netflix): This coming-of-age story is told from the point-of-view of Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year-old on the autistic spectrum searching for love and independence. While Sam is on his funny and emotional journey of self-discovery, the rest of his family must grapple with change in their own lives while exploring the question: what does it really mean to be “normal”? Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as Sam’s mother, Elsa, who is on a life-changing path as her son gains more independence. Michael Rapaport plays Sam’s father, Doug, who desires to better connect with and understand his son.

Also on Friday:

“Vice” (7:30 p.m., HBO)

“Washington Week” (8 p.m., PBS)

“Raven’s Home” (8 p.m., Disney Channel)

“Batman Begins,” 2005 movie (8 p.m., TNT)

“Killjoys” (8 p.m., Syfy)

“Charlie Rose: The Week” (8:30 p.m., PBS)

“What Would You Do? (9 p.m., ABC)

“Dark Matter” (9 p.m., Syfy)

“Live P.D.” (9 p.m., A&E)

“Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (9 p.m., Food Network)

“Ancient Aliens” (9 p.m., History)

“20/20” (10 p.m., ABC)

“Dateline NBC” (10 p.m., NBC)

“Wynonna Earp” (10 p.m., Syfy)

“Real Time With Bill Maher” (10 p.m., HBO)

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