The 26-year-old female firefighter sent to tackle Grenfell Tower fire just five days into the job


Miss Cachia said she sent out a priority message about the blind man, and later heard that he had been saved.  She spoke of the bravery of her colleagues, who took off their helmets to shield babies from the smoke.  

“You’ve got babies being bought out and firefighters, putting their helmets on the children so that they can be safe. If they didn’t have a spare one they would have taken theirs off and put it on the child,” she said.  

 Miss Cachia, who had just completed her 11 week training course, said she was in Grenfell Tower for an “awfully long time”.

“We started helping people on the third floor, but we ended up on the tenth floor,” she said. “You want to get to them, so you end up going higher and higher.

“People are saying ‘I know my brother, my sister, my aunt are still in there’. You are so blinded by how serious it is, that you just get on with it and do the best you can. I’ve never seen so many people work so hard in all my life.”

Miss Cachia said she is thinking of all the families and praying for them. “This hasn’t put me off the job at all, if anything it has made my hungrier to carry on,” she said.

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