Turkish brothers go on trial for ‘sending subliminal messages’ before coup attempt


A Turkish journalist and his academic brother have gone on trial accused of sending “subliminal messages” to the coup plotters who tried to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last year

Ahmet Altan, a high-profile columnist, and his brother Mehmet Altan, an economics professor, were both arrested in the wake of last July’s coup attempt and charged with membership of a terrorist organisation.

Turkish prosecutors accuse the pair of sending out coded messages to the plotters during an panel discussion on a local television station on July 14, one day before the coup attempt. 

Mehmet Altan was speaking about long history of military involvement in Turkish politics during the conversation. 

He said: “Within the Turkish state, there is possibly another structure that records and observes all these developments [in Turkey] more in the foreign world. It is not certain when it will take its hand out of the bag and how it will take its hand out of the bag.”

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