What are the lighting settings for Portrait Mode for iPhone 8 Plus?


Portrait lighting on your iPhone 8 Plus will step up your Portrait Mode game!

Apple’s Portrait Mode launched last year on the iPhone 7 Plus and gave users the ability to create an artificial background blur, making the subject pop in the foreground. With the launch of the new iPhone 8 Plus, the camera got a slight upgrade and so did Portrait Mode.

What is Portrait Lighting?

Portrait Lighting is a new software feature in the iPhone camera app that takes advantage of the dual camera system in the iPhone 8 Plus to alter the way light is perceived in a Portrait Mode photo.

Think about it this way: professional studio photographers use all sorts of lights when photographing a subject. By altering these lights, an experienced photographer can use the light on or around the subject to emphasize certain areas of the photo.

Portrait Lighting allows users to artificially change the way the light looks in a portrait mode photo to create different effects. Apple has unveiled five different Portrait Lighting effects to choose from.

Natural Light

This is the basic lighting mode that Portrait Mode has always used, which keeps your subject’s face in focus and blurs the background for contrast.

Photo: Taken by Geordie Wood, found on Apple’s website

Studio Light

Your subject’s face will be in focus and brightly light allowing you to see more detail in the face while the background will blur for contrast.

Photo: Taken by Julia Noni, found on Apple’s website

Contour Light

Will cast shadows on your subject’s face and surroundings to show a dramatic difference between highlights and lowlights.

Photo: Taken by Geordie Wood, found on Apple’s website

Stage Light

Cuts the background of the photo out into a deep black while light on the subject is bright and clear, giving a dramatic, high-contrast photo.

Photo: Taken by Geordie Wood, found on Apple’s website

Stage Light Mono

Just like Stage Light, Stage Light Mono will cut the background of the photo away and brightly illuminate your subject; however, it will also apply a monochrome filter with a black and white photo.

Photo: Taken by Michael Everett and Jami Irving, found on Apple’s website

Live Use

The coolest thing about Portrait Lighting is you can apply the effects as you’re taking the picture right in the camera. You don’t have to wait until the photo is done to see what the lightning effect looks like. Want to hear something even cooler? After the photo is taken, you can edit the Portrait Lighting effect on the photo, so you can experiment with how you want it to look.

Still in beta

Keep in mind when the iPhone 8 Plus starts to ships next week that Portrait Lightning will still be in beta. We saw Apple improve Portrait Mode through software updates since its launch; it’s only reasonable to expect that Portrait Lighting will get a little better over time.

What do you think of Portrait Lighting?

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